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you have different posibilities to travel to Rauhala in Lapland. You could take the airplane, the train and naturally the car.
Because of the typically long distances in Finland you'll need a car on site.


By plane:

Independend where you start your travel, most of all international flights are going across Airport Helsinki. There you have
to take a domestic flight. From Helsinki you can take a flight directly to Kittilä, flighttime will be about 1,5 hours. From there
you go by car appr. 50km to Rauhala (traveltime 45 min).

Route nach Kittilä

If you have more time and want to see sights beside the skiing centres, we advise you to take the flight only until Rovaniemi.
In the near of Rovaniemi-Airport direct at the polar circle you'll find Santavillage. Especially in wintertimes a visit at
Santavillage is an unforgettable event. From Rovaniemi you go by car over the highway 79 appr. 2 hours to north until
Rauhala (200km).

By Train:

If you're interested, you have the posibility to explore the beautiful nature in Finland by train. From Helsinki exists a track to
Kolari, the most north trainstation in Finland. The track is about 995km long and by nighttrain the trip takes 13 hours. From
Kolari to Rauhala it is 75km and with car it takes about 1 hour.

Route nach Kolari

By car:

If you decide to travel by car, the trip starts normally with a ferry crossing to Helsinki. There is also the posibility to take a
crossing to Sweden, but that means a cartrip from appr. 2000km. Depend from startingharbor the ferry crossing to Helsinki
takes about 26-36 hours. From Helsinki to Rauhala it is appr. 1000km and you'll need 11-13 hours for the trip. The easiest
route goes  across Jyväskylä and Oulu.

After leaving Helsinki you will find, that a trip by car across the most empty highways is more stressless than in central europe.

Route nach Helsinki

At the destination:

Than you arrived at Jerisjärvi lake, you only have a few meters to the holidayhome "Iltarusko". You have to leave the street
79 at no. 3398, turn right into street "Puistolantie" and follow the street appr. 1km to street "Kumpukuja", where "Iltarusko"
is located.

Ausfahrt von Fernstr. 79 bei Nr. 3398

die letzten Meter bis zum Ferienhaus

 Einfahrt zum Haus